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Pokemon Battle Frontier Entry by QAJenova Pokemon Battle Frontier Entry by QAJenova
Trainer ID Number: UBF10-336

Vehicle of Kimzie's Choice:
Black Motorcycle with flame designs

Items Kimzie has in her bag:
-180,450 Pokedollars
-5 Great balls
-7 Heal balls
-Town Map
-The 6 Pokeballs that store her Pokemon
-6 Super Potions
-7 Max Potions
-4 Full Restores
-Trainer Card
-5 Aspear Berries
-4 Oran Berries
-8 Sitrus Berries
-5 Pecha Berries
-3 Cheri Berries
-4 MooMoo Milks
-4 Max Revives
-Poffin Case (5 Sour, 12 Sweet, 9 Mild, 4 Dry)

Regarding Hairstyles:
Left - Normal Hairstyle, usual ponytail that tilts to the right.
Center - When Kimzie's hair is down
Right - Formal Hairstyle, a partial updo.

Name: Kimzie Vy
Age: 16
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Black
Body: Petite
Fashion: Lolita
Hometown: Jubilife City
Region: Sinnoh

Kimzie inherited the wealth of her deceased grandmother, was adopted into an equally wealthy family. She started her adventure the same year she was adopted, and ended her journey 3 years later, when she was 14. By then, she had 8 gym badges, and decided to settle down in a pseudo ranch/villa in the Resort Area, and opened up a Cosplay Cafe. From time to time, she visits Sandgem Town, Jubilife, Oreburgh, and Eterna City to teach/tutor new trainers.

Overall, although at first glace you might think of her as a snooty, spoiled girl, Kimzie is really a hardworking person with a good start. She even taught her Pokemon how to survive on their own in case of an emergency. Although she is kindhearted and sweet, Kimzie is also rather scatterbrained and doesn't really think things through. Some of her actions contrast her personality and looks, as she is secretly a daredevil and will join anyone in their craziest adventures.

Big Bang
Male Pikachu @ Aspear Berry
Modest Natured
Static Ability
-Volt Tackle
-Thunder Wave
-Grass Knot
-Nasty Plot

Big Bang is the leader and "father" of Kimzie's team. He is also the oldest and smallest Pokemon on her team, even smaller than normal Pikachus. He is very Modest and likes to relax due to the constant stress his teammates give him. Although Big Bang is usually the one to clean up after their chaos, he enjoys being in the group and feels as though it is his "second" family. It appears to be that he is romantically involved with Sakura, although this is ironic as they are polar opposites of each other. Big Bang enjoys dry food, but his favorite is sour food, specifically Aspear berries as it reminds him of his mother.
Big Bang was breeded from a "clan" by his original trainer. After Big Bang met his trainer's criteria (having Volt Tackle), his trainer then proceeded to kill off Big Bang's family members, as he had no use for them. It was only after many years of hell later that he was traded to Kimzie. Although Big Bang was doubtful that he could trust her, Big Bang had then grown to like her, obviously more-so than his previous owner.

Female Meganium
Bashful Natured
Overgrow Ability
-Sunny Day
-Solar Beam

As well as her grandmother's wealth, Kimzie inherited her grandmother's starter Pokemon as well. Grace is very skilled and tactful, although she does not enjoy battling. Her partner, Burkhard, always considers her as his wife, something that Grace doesn't really mind to be honest.

Male Garchomp @ Choice Band
Impish Natured
Sand Veil Ability
-Dragon Claw
-Fire Fang
-Stone Edge

Burkhard is the only foreign pokemon that Kimzie owns, as he was traded from a man from Germany. Although he tries to act tough (an act that he is usually successful in doing), he is very Impish. Burkhard is only second to oldest and strongest, the first to both titles being Big Bang. However, Burkhard is the wisest among both of them. They surprisingly agree with each other on most things.
Like the German stereotypes, Burkhard is very burly and has a heavy accent which, combined with his deep and booming voice, makes various Pokemon cringe when near him. He claims that Grace is his wife.

Male Infernape @ Fist Plate
Jolly Natured
Blaze Ability
-Close Combat
-Hidden Power (Ice)
-Swords Dance

Dray is Kimzie's starter Pokemon and the first Pokemon Kimzie has trained. (Grace was trained by Kimzie's grandmother, mind you.) He is very strong willed and enjoys sweet food. It is also known that he has a strong admiration towards his trainer, although he refuses to admit it. Dray comes from a line of Fire and Fighting-type Pokemon, a fact that his mother, Morticia, is proud of.
Morticia refuses to allow Dray to marry any Pokemon that is not a Fighting or a Fire type. In the past, she constantly set Dray on blind dates, all of which consisted of burly female Machokes and Machamps. As such, Dray now has a fear of females from that species.

Female Absol @ Life Orb
Naughty Natured
Pressure Ability
-Night Slash
-Baton Pass
-Swords Dance

Harley is obsessed with Dray. She constantly fawns over him, and will do almost anything to win Dray's love. She is rather psychotic, and will try to injure (and possibly kill) any female that has a slight bit of affection towards Dray. Harley views her trainer as a mother, although Harley does get jealous of the fact that Dray admires her.

Harley and Dray's mother are practically enemies. While Morticia does not want Harley to get close to her son, Harley doesn't want Morticia to interfere with them.
(Note: Harley learned Swords dance via level up, Dray learned Swords dance via TM.)

Female Blissey
Timid Nature
Natural Cure Ability
-Seismic Toss
-Ice Bream

Sakura is the youngest of Kimzie's pokemon team. She is in love with Big Bang, although they are polar opposites. She is very Timid, likes sweet food, and looks up to her team members and trainer. Sakura is also kind-hearted and enjoys the simple pleasures in life. Because she's the youngest of Kimzie's team, and the first egg Kimzie has hatched, Sakura feels as though she should work harder than her team members in fear that she may be a burden to her team and trainer.
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